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    Hello everyone,

    I’ve put together a PFx/DVE transition. It’s a simple page slide of preview over program. Works fine.

    Now, I’ve added a new element … a sphere with a texture map of the globe on it that slides across in step with, and in front of, the preview plane. It runs fine, too.

    But, here’s the catch. The rendered sphere/globe’s texture map comes out all monochrome/greenish tint even tough the source is full color. In fact, in the workspace and as it renders the globe it shows full color.

    Here’s the sphere’s surface properties:

    Specularity 255, Shinyness 255, Diffusion 200, Absorption 0, Luminosity 255, Reflectivity 0, Transparency 0 and Index of Refraction 1.00.

    Any thoughts on this?




    I hate responses like this… but it works for me.

    PVW slides in over PGM, leading edge covered by a rotating sphere with a TFS mapped on it. (setting as you specified) Effect settings: Warp, GFX, Main Alpha,Trans, all on.

    Try starting over from scratch, drop in the PVW plane-animate, then the sphere-animate. Just down and dirty to see if it works. I have seen where you can get something screwed up in an FX that just “gets stuck” that way. Usually on the first attempt at something, since it tends to have a lot of re-modifying as I play with it… but if I redo it straight through once I know what I want, then all is well.



    Well, here’s what I found out via trial and error.

    The texture map image I was using was from Eric Pratt … it was an IFF image. Although everything says that IFF’s are fine to use, evidently the IFF import filter doesn’t work right in PFx.

    I made a TFS in Air Command from the image, loaded the TFS and it rendered perfectly.

    Go figure … not that there is much call for IFF’s out there (I didn’t even know what it was until Pete told me these are Amiga images).

    Thanks! And thank you to Pete in particular!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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