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    As you can probably tell so far, I’m a Globecaster rookie—
    Thanks for the Char gen comments–I have alot of playin to do…

    I was curious about dropping avi files into the timeline. Cause i dropped one in but the video doesn’t show—just the audio is there–ok, so I’m thinking a codec issue.
    But these are playing off the host PC, not the SCSI HD’s IN the GC. When played in WMP, they work fine….only when i try to drop them in a timeline do they not work.

    The avi’s were made on a Sony Vaio, using the DVgate codec. But how exactly can you “install” the codec on the GC?

    Another option:

    Go directly from minidv into the GC using the camera hooked thru SVHS(all i need is vid). Don’t have a firewire card yet. Is this possible w/o the firewire?

    Is there some way the GC can cap without the “remote” option being available, like a manual import? Cause with my beta decks, they need to be in “remote mode”

    I really appreciate y’all’s help!! Thanks!




    There are 2 options. I have been able to control my Canon XL-1 from the beginng (early Trinity time) using a Tao L-Port (Control L – RS422) converter. Not frame accurate, but pretty close, and lets me run the camera from the keyboard. The other thing to do (assuming you have Time Machine or whatever it is called now) is simply to start the camera running and record from the switcher. Works for me.



    One more thing about capturing video in the Switcher interface, you need to set it to record the INPUT channel, not the program out. If you don’t it will have tears in the video due to being out of sync. (This only applies to non-genlocked sources.) If you want to capture audio as well, when swithing to input #X rather than video out, you should use audio inputs 1 & 2 . (Inputs 3-8 work “different” when not set to record the program out. Follow the manual for audio setup when digitizing in Switcher using the program out.)



    Regarding AVI importing, the rule is that the same codec used to compress the AVI should be installed under Windows so our software can read it. This rule doesn’t always apply though. Certain codecs need a special key before they work, although most decoders work without it. I’ve seen issues with AVIs encoded with DV codecs where it wont read them correctly. Sometimes re-encoding the AVIs to a different codec helps. A utility called VirtualDub is great for this sort of thing and is free on the Internet.

    This could also be an issue of frame size. GC likes the AVI to be the correct size, 720×486 for NTSC and when the AVI doesn’t match, it tries to resize it. Its possible that if its trying to resize it, it may be having issues. VirtualDub has great support for resizing video as well if needed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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