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    The following results are from an NT 4.0, SP6 PC. Single WE, 128MB RAM throughout, TM w/ balanced audio, system.

    [quote:e5e976223a]A number of improvements to the driver files (34-xxx.xxx) (e.g., some timing issues fixed in the VideoNet in order to reduce the noise level).[/quote:e5e976223a]

    Not observable.

    [quote:e5e976223a]Changes to a few of the properties files (34-xxx.002), mainly so that the preset names are more appropriately named.[/quote:e5e976223a]

    Not sure which names…

    [quote:e5e976223a]Added a Clip Theme Names field to the Digitize Settings panel which precedes the name of each Time Machine clip for better organization.[/quote:e5e976223a]


    [quote:e5e976223a]Also automatically deletes a recorded Live Clip if the user does NOT save it.[/quote:e5e976223a]


    [quote:e5e976223a]The Source Popup menu in Editor now has a new (toggle-able) Details option; when it is selected, the details of a deck (Name and Tape Name) should now be shown.[/quote:e5e976223a]


    [quote:e5e976223a]The Pan data on the Audio Mixer Panel in Switcher should now be restored properly.[/quote:e5e976223a]


    [quote:e5e976223a]Added new hotkeys: click on Control-F or Control-Home to toggle on/off an effect. Click on Control-G to toggle on/off the first DSK.[/quote:e5e976223a]


    [quote:e5e976223a]Added Dual Monitor support for Windows 2000/XP.[/quote:e5e976223a]


    [quote:e5e976223a]Added ability to change the width & height of an exported Framestore (when doing a Snap or dragging a picon from the Freeze box to a bin). Note that an even value for the height is required to export a bitmap, and probably the other types as well.[/quote:e5e976223a]

    Works for external formats only, not TFS (by design?) If set for other than 720x 486 and Framestore; drag-n-drop does nothing, Snap or Ctl+BKSP gives “Error saving grabbed image: One or more arguments are invalid (80070057)”

    BTW, probably a known bug, but setting to MOV produces “Error saving grabbed image: Unspecified error (80004005)” Not really sure how a still could be a MOV anyway…

    [quote:e5e976223a]New TitleWave.dll that supports Embedded Graphics (see Page Properties panel to enable) and correctly modifies the Project Type for Overlays and Stills.[/quote:e5e976223a]

    Works, is able to “rememeber” whether a file was saved as a still, anim, roll, crawl, overlay. Need more info on “Embedded Graphics”.


    Just a few things I have found…

    If you dont have an effect loaded and use “Ctrl F” the FX green light will come on dim and stay on. When you load an effect, it turns off. Other than that, it seems to work fine for me.

    Ctrl-G, H, J, K all work fine for DSK 1-4

    Dual Monitor support ? how is the diff from the Dual monitor set-up I have been running in 2.7, 2.4 etc

    When saving grabs, External format files work ok, but if you have “save as Framestore” selected, you get the following error
    “Error saving grabbed image : One or more arguments are invalid (80070057)” This was reported after having width and height set to 1024×768 ….. By the way ….. This is vry helpful for us working in 16:9 – we can do a grab of the anamorphic 16:9 footage straight to the correct aspect ratio by typing in the correct resolution – Some presets in the future to choose from would be nice.

    Titlewave, save the correct format thats shown on the interface…

    Embeded Gfx support ?? any tips on what to test … how it works.




    Dave Reece

    I also, have used the uninstall program with much success on several different machines. I am the TV director at a high school and we use the VTR transport panel to record video to TM. I like the auto delete function after choosing new clip (not saving). Students always assumed clicking new clip didn’t save the clip to TM. I’ve spent alot of time cleaning up TM drives because of this. The auto delete function appears to work as advertised. I have been using dual monitors for quite some time and I see no difference so far. I’m not sure what the embedded graphics button in Character Generator (Titlewave) does. My experience otherwise is pretty much the same as the others here. This build seems stable to me. Thanks,
    Dave Reece



    A few quick notes…

    Dual monitor support now can use the native multi-monitor support in Win2k and WinXP, rather than rely on the video card driver to fake it. Matrox drivers have a mode that reports the monitor resolution as something like 2560 x 1024, instead of two monitors, each at 1280 x 1024. The new support uses Windows’ multi-monitor support. This also helps prevent all of the popup windows appearing split across dual-monitor systems.

    Some issues that may still popup with dual monitor revolve around special right-click handling. e.g., Right-click and drag a timeline, it won’t work on certain monitors. This has been fixed since 3179 was released to beta. There may be other issues that haven’t arisen yet so any that you find, please report them quickly so we can fix them.

    On the embedded graphics, we’re working towards embedding the actual graphics inside the projects, rather than embedding an semi-absolute path to the graphic file. This will help make projects easier to move from an ACE host to a GC host. (Or vice versa)

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