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    In 1280 Resolution:
    [*:c8e0f3ed5a]3 More Softbuttons.
    [*:c8e0f3ed5a]A new row for Key Preview. (Cue button removed)
    [*:c8e0f3ed5a]The top three bus rows are now labelled by buttons which are currently disabled. These may be selectable in the future.
    [*:c8e0f3ed5a]Editboxes moved between the Key row and Program row, and editboxes for the softbuttons.
    [*:c8e0f3ed5a]Other buttons have been moved around for balancing the look.

    In 1024 Resolution:
    [*:c8e0f3ed5a]The top bus row now defaults to Key Preview, but you can click on the button to select Aux.

    In both resolutions:
    [*:c8e0f3ed5a]Added Preview DSK button.
    [*:c8e0f3ed5a]A new LED that tells you if the Switcher’s Graphics layer resource is shared by an effect and DSK (as a warning that running one will “untrigger” the other).
    [*:c8e0f3ed5a]There is now an effect length editbox for both Mix and FX, each above the corresponding mode button, so you can change one without having to select that particular mode.
    [*:c8e0f3ed5a]CS-4000s use the same panel as the CS-8000. This saves space and the extra buttons may be used as softbuttons in the future.

    Control Surface:
    [*:c8e0f3ed5a]VFD Menu control for Keyer Settings, Matte Settings, and Color Correction (Hue, Sat, Luma, Setup)
    [*:c8e0f3ed5a]AutoRate Menu control for Dissolve, Effect, and Fade lengths, Program & Preview Strobe Rates, and Keyer Mode.
    [*:c8e0f3ed5a]Ability to select the default DSK to load to via Number Pad asterisk.
    [*:c8e0f3ed5a]Ability to toggle the Loop property of a TM Clip via the Lock/Shift key (by pressing the Shift Key and TM’s source button)
    [*:c8e0f3ed5a]Improved functionality when Switcher application is no longer running (i.e., T-bar, triggering loaded effects)

    [*:c8e0f3ed5a]New transport controls should now work for TM Clips.
    [*:c8e0f3ed5a]AVI Export improved (supports audio compression and exploits multiple processors, additional optimizations)
    [*:c8e0f3ed5a]User can select a minimum effect length when loading onto a timeline (via Editor’s source subpanel right-click menu)
    [*:c8e0f3ed5a]User can select an option to disable the DSK mode when the DSK has completed (via DSK Picon right-click menu)
    [*:c8e0f3ed5a]Improved Genlock code (specifically for issues with PAL systems)


    Hi there,

    I uninstalled 2.82, did an install of 2.9 and when launching switcher, its in NTSC mode.

    How do I get it to startup in PAL for Australia.


    Norman Cantrell


    ed silvester

    Thanks for posting the pal version. Looking good. All these new features seem to work. I am having some difficulty in triggering TM clips in switcher. They stayon pause.

    * New transport controls should now work for TM Clips. ”

    Am I missing something? DSK preview is excellent- needs a button assigned on the cs1000 though. (again I may be missing it)




    -Install over 2.8.2 went w/o issue.

    -CS nor PAL functions are N/A to my system.

    -Am unclear on KeyP. If I select only KeyP and then cut, it fuctions as the Cue button used to, but I monitor the PVW out and would expect to see the key there when clicking the only KeyP button, but nothing happens. What am I missing?

    -I notice that now when switching between Switcher and Editor, that as soon as you click on the Editor timeline it unloads FX/DSKs in Switcher. This is nice, but would be nicer if it was selectable as to whether or not it does this.

    -TM transport controls… in Switcher? Not sure what you mean.

    -All other additions/changes seem to work per design.


    ed silvester

    Install in XP worked fine too. No issues.

    Then something went wrong!

    When ever the switcher interface came up, the program quit without error message after a second or two. The system would then need to be reset before trying again, but the same happend each time. I removed the bin folder and the program didn’t crash. I removed the layout file that I’d made (the last thing I’d done) but when I navigated back to the bins folder it quit again. I trashed and re-installed the bins folder from the cd and it has worked fine ever since.
    I will try to recreate this again tomorrow. Any body else got this or is it just me?



    Our install worked fine but I had to revert to 2.8.2 due to several reasons:

    1: using TM clips causes crashes every time
    2: Time Machine backup utility not showing preview images or playing clips like before.
    3: trying to read TM drive in bin explorer caused editor and switcher to shutdown/crash
    4: Could not play TM clips from timelines. Selecting clip on the monitor and clicking on a clip gave no “VCR” control ability.

    Basically it shut down our editing using ANYTHING to do with TM which everyone needed for their shows.

    This was installing over 2.8.2

    When trying to assemble a timeline with a TM clip on it we got the same error even just trying to perform the clip manually:

    Class not registered (80040154)

    Hopefully I just goofed the install is all. I plan on trying it again after one of the bays frees up.



    I should have posted my OS, etc. I’m using NT4.0, SP6a, PII 350.

    TM bin, drive, Backup, and editing w/ clips results in no issues for me. TM drives have been recently formatted so I know there is no fragmentation problem. Try a format if you can spare the loss of the clips. I format often, it keeps th eSCSI drives in good condition fragmentation-wise.

    (Per Mike Dabbs:

    KeyP isn’t a preview output of the key, but a “multi-button” Cue method that allows more flex than just a Cue & Toggle button alone. I like it now that I’ve played with it more.

    More info coming on TM tranport controls.)


    ed silvester

    Our replacement cs1000 has arrived and I’m delighted to say that all my t bar woes are history. It works!

    I do have a new bug to report though.

    1) enter a dsk into dsk 1
    2) enter an effect that uses dsk1
    3) new warning light comes on, and dsk1 light goes out on gui but both dsk and fx light are now on on cs1000
    4) pressing dsk1 will not turn the light off the only way of clearing it is hitting mix and then pressing fx.

    Any body else got this?


    Hi Guys…

    My CS1000 will be here in a few days … and cant wait to put it to the test with 2.9

    will let you know how it goes asap.




    ed silvester

    You’re going to have so much fun.
    I can’t leave mine alone.

    MUST….GET…SOME….WORK…DONE (in a William Shatner stlyle)


    Dave Reece

    I am running 3189 on a couple of different systems with no problems. I prefer to think of the KeyP bus as key preset rather than preview. I particulary like the addition of the key preview button. Is it possible to add key preview buttons for the additional DSK channels? Just a thought. The addition of the three additional soft keys is great too! Now how about being able to do a save layout that would say keep all 7 buttons as FSs. I don’t have the control surface so I can’t coment on that aspect. The CG bug appears to be gone as well. For me, 3189 seems stable, and I like the look and functionality. Cheers GS!
    Dave Reece



    The reason that you can only preview dsk layer 1 is because of the way the box is wired internally (i.e. the first dsk layer is on the switcher card). The other layers are downstream of the switcher and it would really be more work than it is worth to change this.

    Glad you like the preview button, however–I got that one added.

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