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    when using the Character generator….
    when you animate text, and you slide it, teletype it, etc
    is there any way to adjust the speed of the text?
    The speed box is grayed out and adjusting the time doesn’t work….thought there might be a trick?

    Also, i’m looking to do more with the text–morph it, squeeze it, make it come from the top left/right into the middle….I’ve seen it done, just don’t know how to do it…
    Thanks alot!




    Create your CG in Titlewave, select it and save it. Then go into Panamation and drop it in. From there you can do some very nice moves.



    Those “FX” in the CG are just for down & dirty, and it’s pretty nice, but Mike is right, the Ani-Comp application is where you do the real stuff. 🙂



    I gotta say, I wish I had a CG program even half as good as TitleWave in my other system!
    I know a lot of people don’t like it, but it works great for us.



    This is an excerpt from Casey Green, one of our Technical Marketing Engineers…

    There is another great way to create some very nice Flying Text by also using Effects Generator. Basically, All you need to do to is create some Text in CG and Save it as an Overlay, then go into Effects Generator and change the Video Plane’s Texture to an image by dragging and dropping the Overlay file into the Texture panel (to get to this panel, simply Right Click on the Video Plane, select Object Properties, and then click on the Texture Settings Button).

    Once you drag and drop the Overlay file there, it will automatically add the Alpha data to the image and then all you need to do is set some key-frames for animation…. (Usually you will set duration to 2-3 seconds long (done in the Effect Menu), and have the end frame be full screen. (If your Video plane is not already set for full screen for the end frame, you can go to the end of the timeline and then use the Reset button to auto-set your Move, Rotate and Scale back to full screen). Then go back to your beginning frame and move it off the screen, maybe add some more keyframes along the way for rotation and scaling… and there you go.

    Your Effect Settings should have only Graphics and Transition hilighted… Also Make sure that your luminosity for the Plane is set for 255 (Object Properties/Surface Settings Panel) or else it will come out slightly dark….and be sure to set a pause point at the end keyframe if you want the text to stay on the screen. (you can always add a fade out to the effect in the Switcher’s Effects Properties panel later). This gives you alot more options when flying text around, and you can then just modify the project file to make additional Text Fly-Ins…



    You should have Transition de-selected, unless you want it to pop to preview when it ends.

    I’ve used FX Generator to page turn titles onto the screen, but you have to turn on main alpha if you want it to have alpha over itself as it comes in. Also you need to set the the number of polygons high enough on the video plane so that it is smooth.



    From Casey…

    Correction, you must also have Main Alpha Hilighted and Transition UN-Hilighted in the Effect Properties panel. If you are not morphing the Effect, it will not be necessary to up the polygon count on a simple video plane… however, if you would like to do more complex 3D procedural morphs, page turns, or flag effects, it is highly recommended to add more polygons so that you end up with a very smooth warping animation to the Video Plane.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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