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    Christy S

    Does anyone know how to configure the Sony DSR-1800 for Trinity? The auto-config doesn’t have a driver for this deck. I did the “profile unknown” thing and it seemed to work because it responds well to remote control but it’s not frame accurate. I can’t re-execute edits because it’s worse than control track. Any ideas?



    I still have some frame accuracy problems with our Panasonic AJD 950’s and AJD 95’s. Any Setting documentation on these?



    I’ve had a situation with one deck (other models were fine) where the “profile unknown” wasn’t quite accurate also. If the error is consistent, the following should work.

    1- Do a test insert to see if the record deck’s in and/or out point is off. If they are off, determine the amount of adjustment needed. Then in the profile for that deck adjust the “edit delay” and/or “edit stop delay” values accordingly. (“Play delay” doesn’t matter unless it is also used as a source deck.) Store the profile. Test to make sure it is right.

    2- To test the play deck’s accuracy, do an insert (on a known frame accurate record deck) using a window dub or some other source where you can easily tell if you are getting a frame accurate in point. If it’s off, determine the amount and adjust the “play delay” for that deck accordingly. (“Edit delay” and “edit stop delay” don’t matter unless it is also used as a record deck.) Store the profile.

    Assuming T/C and timing signals are ok, that should do it.


    Christy S

    Here’s the deal: the timeline created in Air Command imported into Preditor didn’t sync up. I found that if I “select all” the clips and shift them exactly six frames forward in the timeline, it will be in sync. How bizarre is that? I appreciate your respnses. I just kept plowing through and found it out eventually. When I figger something out I hope someone else can profit from my hard work besides me.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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