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    I’ve been having a hell of a time creating a wipe using my company’s logo. Its a psd file, actually, transparent Backgound, etc–and I’ve got it loaded into panamation and FX Gen, its in motion, I’m playing with it, etc…..it has whatever background I choose…(transparent) but when making/trying to turn it into an effect, the B/G is black.

    In Panamation, when i create a wipe, the logo is actually the video source I want to go to(say vid1>vid2——my logo is actually vid2), but has the outline of the logo, like the words of the logo are the video that’s on vid2.

    but if you look under Bins/MultiDSK/FX, there is a pre-generated wipe (map of the world with white flash-left to right wipe….)
    I needed something along these lines (strokes, logo motion, flashy)
    and I’m going in circles…
    it looks like it was made in panamation because of the stroke, but maybe P. FX because of the movement….strangely, FX and panamation are not compatable—I can’t drop files I made FX in panamation and vice versa….
    Can any of you pros shed some wisdom?
    I appreciate it!



    Just couple quick thoughts… I would think the way to do it would be in Pana, by animating the logo on a layer, over the top of the wipe layer. For the wipe layer you would need an animated file that relates to the logo. In FX Creator you might have to turn on main alpha to get the effect you are looking for (not sure exactly how you are approaching it). Pana and FX files are not compatible, but elemments from Titlewave are, and so are Pana elements that are saved as AVI or stills, etc.

    Hope that gives you some ideas… 💡


    For something other than straight wipes, I use delete brushes over
    the text or logo I want to alter.
    By moving or changing transparency, you can do almost anything.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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