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    Hello to all,

    some of you might already know of this but I just stumbled on to it recently and thought I’d share.

    You can record Live clips straight from Preditor just as you would in Air Command.

    Right click on the pink Timeline button that is under the right hand side monitor of the Preditor interface and choose TM Record. click on the appropriate video source and Audio channels. Make sure you activate the V A1 A2 buttons. Press play on the deck and record on the preditor VTR and off you go. You even get a timer to know how long you record.
    Once you have what you need press stop an drag the clip icon to a bin.
    Now you can use it on a timeline. If you don’t drag the clip icon to a bin after recording it doesn’t get stored properly and is not usable on a timeline.

    I hope this can be usefull info for some of you.

    Have A Great Day. 😀



    What version of software are you on? All I get is ‘Timeline’, ‘Recorder’ and ‘Off’.

    Fritz Golman



    I’m on Version 2.8 build 3166. But it also worked on the previous build too. I think it is only for Globecaster.



    2.7, 3120 had it in it. Don’t think 2.4 did though…


    Thanks for pointing this out. We did’nt know about it and I am sure it will prove useful.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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