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    We are starting to get DVIO questions. Here is a little bit more information about the new DVIO card.

    How will DVIO be set as an input/output?
    The DVIO card is listed in the Input settings and Advanced input settings panels. One of the buttons is for Input or Output, ie whether the card is set for input mode or output mode.

    How does the audio work? Will I need an audio mixer module and router to get audio from/to DVIO?
    Yes, GlobeCaster uses a hardware-based audio mixer with high-quality professional DSP’s. In order to mix and route the audio, your system will need the Audio Router (which sends the audio from card to card) and the mixer (which combines and mixes the audio with other sources.) Even though the audio comes in via the DVIO board, it is sent digitally to the audio mixer for processing.

    Will DVIO have a 4 pin or 6 pin connector?What’s the difference between the two?
    DVIO has a 4 pin connector. 6 pin connectors can provide power to a device, a la USB. 4 pin does not. Most video devices use 4 pin connectors.

    Can I do color correction with a DVIO board?
    Yes, the DVIO has a full color corrector on board. The card can also be used as a Time Machine-connected card and you’ll get color-correction on NLE clips like the component and SDI cards.



    I installed mine (2). Painless install and they seem to be working perfectly. I am using one as an input and one as an output.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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