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    Hello All!

    GlobalStreams is happy to report that Electric Image for Globecaster is now available! Many thanks to those who made this a reality.

    Anyone who has wanted to create effects like the Satellite, Sports Night, Terminator, or Television Factory that ships with Globecaster, this is the product for you. If fact, the project files for those effects will be included as well as many others that will serve well as great tutorials.

    Electric Image combines a 3-D modeler and Animator to comprise a powerful package that can be used for many things as well as building .TFX files that are used by Trinity and Globecaster.

    See Electric Image’s website to get more info on what they are capable of,

    MSRP on the product is $1500 and will include FX, Virtual Set files, Creation tools, and tutorials. Order a copy online from EI’s website or you can purchase from your local reseller.

    Mike Benke


    Casey Green

    This is a much anticipated addition to the functionality of Trinity/Globecaster. Thanks for your hard work in seeing this project thru.

    A news article on the GlobalStreams website would also be a good way to make others aware.

    Good job!



    It’s coming… gotta finish shipping these globecasters (last day of the month 😉



    As someone who has been using this for a few months, I can unequivocally say [u][size=18]BUY THIS!!![/size]!![/u]!!! It’s the missing link in the palette of GlobeCaster graphics and effect creation. The quality is excellent, the learning curve isn’t too bad, and the CONTROL!

    I’m especially excited to see what Virtual Sets are created with the program. GlobeCaster has always had the ability to do “trackless” motion sets, with canned zooms and pans being done by the Warp Engine. Now, with EIU for GlobeCaster, there is a full 3d environment to create these sets.

    Sorry if I’m sounding like a sales pitch, but I’ve been waiting to see this on the market for over 3 years now!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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