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    TC was intense because people are passionate about wanting to put out the best product they can and making the tools to do so perform the best they can. Trinity did many of those things, some well and some not so well.

    Some posters felt that to get attention to their issues, they needed to be more “intense” about it than perhaps others would be. Matter of style more than anything else, until it gets personal. That aspect is not necessary to discuss things in a civilized, though vocal, fashion.


    Dupree Jones

    Orginally posted by Mdabbs:
    By filtering, I mean removing the useless rants and flames

    And by that, you’d mean anything negative posted (ie; joe Williams/Steve Toth’s bug lists/complaints and help to others, Stuart Inman’s cutting commentary, Lonn Bailey’s conspiricy theories. Sorry who I missed in the DHD, especially you, Toaster Pilot). I guess Ted Ruiz’s “straight out of the manual” responses will stay.

    And while I applaud the new site and the attempt to get “closer” to the end user…….

    Still, the bottom line is helping users with Trinity/GC/OnQ.

    Help TRINITY users? Don’t make me laugh. The ONLY thing you want to help Trinity users with is upgrading to GC. There’s no “troubleshooting” or “how can I do this” for Trinity. Puh-leeze.

    Granted, I heard that from no more than 5 or 6 people. Out of 1100+ users, that a very small percentage.
    Funny you should mention…..the higher ups at Play used to refer to some of us as the Lunatic fringe. About 5 or 6 of us.

    Mdabbs, this isn’t personal. But I could tell you some stories. Oh, yes. So could many, many others. Some who lost everything. Some who are still struggling to get back to even. Some who were smart enough to move on at the right time.

    The question is……
    Do you really want to know?



    And by that, you’d mean anything negative posted.

    Most of the negative stuff will probably go. The main reason: how does that help end users?

    Help TRINITY users? Don’t make me laugh. The ONLY thing you want to help Trinity users with is upgrading to GC. There’s no “troubleshooting” or “how can I do this” for Trinity. Puh-leeze.

    Yes, Trinity users. We’ve never stopped helping Trinity users here in Tech Support. Yes, phone support is now fee based, much like many other companies in the industry. This forum, however, is not fee based and is a good forum for Trinity users to come to and ask how to do things and get feedback from many veteran users, not just Tech Support.

    Funny you should mention…..the higher ups at Play used to refer to some of us as the Lunatic fringe. About 5 or 6 of us.

    I’m not referring to the DHD. I’m referring to people who called Tech Support and asked how to do something because they were intimidated by TC and the posters there.

    Mdabbs, this isn’t personal. But I could tell you some stories. Oh, yes. So could many, many others.

    I don’t take any of this personal, although I’m very compassionate about doing my job. I don’t think this forum is the place to talk about what’s happened in the past, but I always welcome comments via email and I usually reply to every one. (I don’t think I’ve missed one yet. Then again, how would I know? 😉 )


    Dupree Jones

    Hey, I’d love to take this to email, but alas, I can’t seem to find yours.



    Check your private msgs. I don’t want spambots picking it up.



    Well, I see Nat’s point, about intense and not getting personal to a point. However reality is not civilized. The thought that we live in a civilized world is a worthwhile idea. The plain facts are we don’t. There is good and there is bad. One day you may have to defend yourself against a young punk that wants your property. You have to make a choice, do I give it to him, and not know what’s going to happen. Or do I try and kick his arse and have tried to take control of the situation and perhaps succeed.

    Depends doesn’t it.

    But violence is always an option in civilized society from the beginning of time. There was no violence on TC. There were words.

    Sticks and stones
    may break my bones
    but words will never hurt me

    I am rubber
    you are glue
    whatever you say
    bounces of me
    and sticks to you.

    Thats what we used to say to each other on the playground

    Now, its pull your piece, grab ya stash, make a dash, shoot any mudda that gets in yOOO way.

    However, restricting free speech only because it differs from your view, with no debate on its merits is just a little on the smug level meter of ,..about TEN. IMO

    The meter goes to eleven. Smug meters always go to eleven.

    So what can one do with one level of smug.

    Since, its like the fat lady singing, or its not over till its over. OR the game isn’t over if the defending team commits a penalty with no time on the clock.

    There’s hope. sniff sniff, but little,




    Pardon me, but when did you get kicked off tc? when did anyone other than that george guy from Miami. I’m confused.


    Dupree Jones


    I don’t exactly remember the date, but somewhere around March or April of last year, your boy and I got into a pissing war I knew I couldn’t win, since he had the control of the switch.

    I think it started over my questioning his ability to take away others 1st ammendment rights and one thing led to another and yada, yada, yada…

    If you’ll look at the memberlist here you won’t see my name in the list. I’ve been around since Marcus days as Steve Toth. I think my member # was in the high 60’s or low 70’s. Dupree was the name I used when you guys shut down the site that imfamous weekend to “hide out” in the chat room, which was still operating.

    I could change my username on your site so I logged on as Dupree, but showed Steve Toth. I can’t seem to do that on this site. Hence, the signature.

    I hope this clears up any question you may have.



    oh, ok.



    Mystery Train
    (words & music by H. Parker – S. Philips)

    Train I ride, sixteen coaches long
    Train I ride, sixteen coaches long
    Well that long black train got my baby and gone

    Train train, comin’ ’round, ’round the bend
    Train train, comin’ ’round the bend
    Well it took my baby, but it never will again (no, not again)

    Train train, comin’ down, down the line
    Train train, comin’ down the line
    Well it’s bringin’ my baby, ’cause she’s mine all, all mine
    (She’s mine, all, all mine)

    We know return control of your computer screen to you. Hope you enjoyed your visit. 😉


    When can we look forward to being able to browse all the useful information from TC? What we have at the moment is a drop in the ocean.



    We’ve got 200 posts ready to go. I’m trying to develop a way to get the content and the authors into the sytem without having to hand type everything in. I can still search the old content so if there’s something specific you’re looking for, let me know.



    Geeesssh! Hand typing??? Is there anyway you can take all of it and put it under an “Old Trinity Central Information” subject – or link to it? I know a lot of users would be thankful.

    Besides, I think we’re all aware that the GS bashing on TC is past history. We’ve gone beyond that; we just want some useful info.

    If you can access the old content, make it easy on yourself, and just let us have it. Heck, we could even help you censor out some of the unneeded junk. Work with us here, OK? 😉


    Dupree Jones

    Now who can argue with that?


    As I said when the change to the new forum happened, make the old forum available but prevent any new posts until you have completed the task of transferring all the useful information to the new forum. No one underestimates the task of sifting through thousands of posts sorting the wheat form the chaff and then re-typing the “wheat”, so why not take the pressure off and just let us see what is already there. Whilst not wishing to criticise your efforts so far, at the current rate of progress there won’t be many people using the system by the time the job is complete!

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