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    I noticed the main thread here went so far off topic it’s a dead horse. I also know some people want to know about the upgrades to decide whether or not to buy them. My first suggestion is talk to dealers about prices (they CAN sell under list. mine does) and try to see a GS demo or someone’s shop that has the newer system. I won’t push anyone either way but will share our experiences so far.

    We have been running about a week on 2 of 4 upgrades. I am doing the third today and the studio when some additional computer parts arrive next week. We were having a LOT of problems before upgrading. SOME but not all of these were computer related and that has been dealt with also. So far the only problem I am seeing is an error that pops up due to file read problems between the GC and our fileserver. We are putting people’s files on DVD-RAM now and it seems to be fixing that problem. We haven’t had a crash that I know of since the upgrade. I like some of the tweaks better than the old software. The names of the sections do change. Air Command reverts back to being called switcher, etc. Was it worth it for us to upgrade 4 units and get 3 TM? So far I have to say yes. I have not used the TM yet so can not speak for it (we are awaiting drives) but the rest seems to be well worth the expenditure. One note which I verified last week. If you upgrade the warranty paper SAYS 6 month but it IS a 1 YEAR warranty. I suggest getting written verification of this as you upgrade just to be safe but don’t freak out when you read the paper. Also, a nice thing I found is new cards,etc come with a 1 year warranty unlike Play’s old 90 day one. This is the same length of manufacturer warranty as our other broadcast products (decks, cameras, etc.). One of the best things that _I_ have seen and been kind of surprised by is in my direct dealings with GS staff other than Tech Support. I knew Tech Support was working hard to help but the other staff I have talked to have been extremely receptive to ideas and comments (good and bad) on the products. They’ve been willing to take that extra step to make sure we are satisfied with our systems. They have been really open with information about things that, while unsupported, they have tried and have worked as well as letting me know better things are on the way. I’m hoping they deliver what I’ve heard about as these things will make many users very happy. Sorry I didn’t mention specifics but I’m not going to spout things that I haven’t seen yet. Right now they’re working on some nice stuff. When it hits production it’s REAL but until then its just nice R&D. If anyone has questions about how we’re doing with our systems, PM me, post in this thread or email me. I will be trying a few ideas out with the systems and will post info if they work.



    Glad to hear it Roger.
    Still using my system for 90% of my work.


    Tim Johnson

    Sounds great, Roger. I can verify that there are cool things in store, and that my dealings with the GS staff have been nothing but positive. It may take a while to get up to full steam, but there appears to be a lot of progress being made! I hope the future will be as bright as what it seems to be.



    Just an update on our update.
    We are now up on 2.8 full release and our systems are working great.
    We have 4 systems all running and 3 with TM. We’ve been able to use DVD-RAM drives for porting the TM files around so people can work in either edit bay or the control room equally. From the software updates and new hardware that’s actually shipping and not just pipe dreams I am impressed with Globalstreams handling of things. The hints at hardware code updates and more software bugfixes in the next updates is great to see. I haven’t had anything break as a result of the fixes which is great too. I do still get a smile when I do an update and see the old Trinity names of the programs even though GS changed the names in appearance. I figure there’s more important things to do than change the master file and directory names which would cause a whole slew of errors in itself. if anyone is interested in our host systems which are humming along great they are:

    AMD XP2100 processor
    SOYO Dragon Ultra Motherboard w/4 port USB2.0 X-box for front panel
    **includes 6 channel sound and NIC
    520 Watt Power Supply
    ATI Radeon 7500 video card
    Panasonic DVD BURNER DVD-RAM/DVD-R burner drive
    40GB storage drive for software
    seperate system drive for OS and utilities
    512 MB PC 2700 DDR RAM
    Panasonic LS-120 drive in place of floppy (LS-240 has replaced 120)
    Windows XP Pro

    We also utilize a Mandrake Linux 9.0 server on our network which authorized users can access. This works well for files that we use for facility productions so we don’t have to worry about which staffer has the disk. The only problem is picon updating which we had with a Novell server setup. You have to exit and reenter the directory to see changes in picons including adding,deleting or renaming.

    Users keep their “bins” on their DVD-RAM and can work in any bay equally. This seems to work very well for multi-station setups. The network storage works but multiple users accessing the network storage causes corruptions in the master picon file which causes some delays (sometimes long) in loading picons. The file does not seem to do well with multiple users trying to access it. This is our full upgraded setup so hope the info helps anyone looking 🙂

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