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    I just downloaded 2.8 pre-release and flattened a project, which worked well, and I was wondering how you export this out as an AVI so that I can create a DVD.

    Has anyone done this yet???



    According to tech support, that function is not enabled yet, as this is a “pre-release.”



    Thanks, Looking forward to final release…



    There is a way to do this but you have to haave a little time on your hands.

    Once you have your flattened timeline clip, do the following.

    1- In Preditor load the flattened timeline clip and export the audio. (remember where you saved it.)

    2- Go to Animator/Compositor and load the flattened timeline clip. Say yes for the extension of the time and set the save format (where it says still) to AVI, keep it as an uncompressed avi for better results. You will need to save to a drive that has a good amount of free space depending on the length of the clip. Now save it.

    3- Once done you need to load the avi in your favorite avi editor and make some changes and additions to it.

    The avi you now have is set to 60 fps. You need to bring it back to 30 fps.

    The audio you extracted is set to 48 khz you need to convert it back to 44,1 khz.

    From there you just need to merge the audio and video into one clip and then convert that to what ever format you need it to be for the DVD.

    I hope this helps spark a solution for you.

    Have A Great Day.


    Mike Haskell

    I tried what you suggested, but cannot get it to play at correct speed.

    I record clip in panamation. Saved it as an avi at 60fps. I then opened it in virtual dub and changed the frame rate to 30 instead of 60. After rendering, it looked the same.

    If I save it as a clipmem, it plays fine in switcher.

    Because pfx can’t import clipmems & I don’t have TM, I was trying to change it into an avi and then import into pfx. Any thoughts?



    You can only convert avi files of digitzed footage. This does require having TimeMachine.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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