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    Is there any way to feather video using the Trinity? For instance, can I “cut around” a talking head interview, feather to transparent, and then, pehaps, layer that over a graphic or other video source? I know this can be done with the chroma-keyer, but I want to achieve this feathered look with pre-recorded video that was shot without use of the chroma-keyer.


    Eric Pratt

    There are a lot of ways that you could do this, but of course my favorite would be to use Panamation. Go into Panamationa and choose Wipe from the type selector. Play the clip of your talking head (if your not on the input that your source is coming from the the F keys across the top still correspond to switcher inputs) Rt-click on Workspace properties and choose Page Properties. When your talking head comes up hit snap, and it will grab that picture to the workspace. Now draw an object around the part of the head that you want to show through. For example, you could create a spline object that gives you an oblong hole, or you could use a paintbrush and make a soft amorphous hole (you should delete the reference picture before saving any of these). The short answer is that any solid object on the first layer of a Wipe will cut a hole into your preview video, so you can make all kinds of different frames and holes and cuts easily with this, with all different kinds of soft edges or feathered edges. Not to make a plug for my old CD but you can by a CD of effects and on it are a bunch shapes that are already prebuilt key holes through to your preview video that have all kinds of interesting edges. The number for the dealer that sells it is 1-800-369-0321, I’m not sure I can say this, but it is a great library of those kind of key hole effects. But that in a nutshell is how you create a key through to your preview video without involving the the chromakeyer.

    Eric Pratt
    Trinity Tech Rep


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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