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    Jim Foster

    I’m considering getting Sonic ReelDVD for mastering GC-edited projects to disc. Has anyone any experience with this?

    Specifically, can the GC output to a format RDVD will accept as input? Any tricks, tips or gotchas?



    Globecaster outputs to an AVI right now. I recommend using uncompressed as the DVD encoding process will compress it again. You should set aside plenty of time and hard drive space though. 1 minute = 1.5 gig and can take hours to do a 30 minute project.

    Many have purchased a standalone DVD recorder.



    We purchased some JVC decks recently to do this. exporting AVI then converting to MPEG-2 (for our playback) or DVD is very time consuming on the GC. One of it’s downfalls is no direct MPEG-2 or DVD iso exporting features. Maybe in the future 🙂 For now we run firewire to DVD recorders. It looks pretty good and we use TQL 3 on Time Machine.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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