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    I am thinking about selling my GC unit and I was trying to determind the value before I put it up for sale. what would you be willing to pay for this unit.

    2 Warp engines (128MB) each
    2 clip grab
    2 preview cards ( one as backup )
    2 framestore ( one as backup)
    1 Play audio module with XLR’s ( one G. Pat module XLR’s )
    1 switcher (128MB)
    1 dsk cards (128MB)
    1 dsk card (1024MB) 1gig
    2 videonet (one as backup)
    1 Time machine
    1 Globecaster upgrade card

    3 SDI —
    2 Componet
    1 Composite
    1 Firewire (DV)

    1 Master Componet card
    1 Salve Componet card
    1 Salve SDI Card

    2 146 GIG TM video drives ( new only 2wk old)
    1 36 GIG TM audio drive
    X KEYS EDITOR (46 color coded keys with lights & jog/shuttle for Switcher & Editor)

    Daul warp pack, DSK pack, Monkey wipes, DVE heaven, Digital juice, Virtual sets and more

    Computer, Manuels and VHS training tapes

    This would not be a fire sale so only reasonable prices please. I would apreciate your help greatly. send your answer to me . My email

    Thank You
    John Thomason
    JC Productions



    It’s been my experience you can make the most money by parting out a system like this. It can be more of a pain but I think you get the most most return.
    Along those lines, much for a 128mb DSK card.



    sounds like monkey wipes are a hot commodity too. But seriously I think amlvideo is right. parting it out would probably be the best way to go seeing as you cannot sell the software (license agreement). You have some nice add-on’s that I am sure would fetch some good money.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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