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    David M

    Hello all

    I’m still using 2.4 . . .
    233 PII
    NT4.0 with service pack 6A

    My hard drive takes for to load.
    1st. it would take 30min to boot-up in NT.
    Everything was taken off the drive and re-loaded.

    Afterwards for 9 month this worked great, it started again.
    The unit is only used to edit so averything came off the HD and re-installed NT again.

    NOW, NT loads very quickly but TRINITY pgm takes 45 min.
    and when loaded it moves very slow . . .

    Whenever I say takes forever to load, I mean the HD makes 1 click ever 30 – 60 secs.

    Can anyone help ?

    I am willing to install a new HD.
    or even getting a new computer with XP.

    All I want to do is get mack to editing.

    What’s the best way.

    Thanks in Advance


    Mike Haskell

    It sounds like a HD.
    Your machine doesn’t sound like it’s too fast, so I would make the move to a new machine if you have the money. You will have to reload onto another hard drive anyway. Don’t forget to partition the drive though.


    David M

    Thanks Mike

    I’ll look into it.

    Can you or for matter anyone advise . . .
    If I do get a new computer . . .
    what should I get, in the way of OS and MHz and DH size ?





    The Fastest you can afford…..



    I started out putting our GC on a dual Athlon mobo, with 2x 1700+, and 1GB of ram.

    I later switched it over to an old Athlon Tbird 1.2ghz, w/ 256 megs of ram.

    I didn’t notice a big difference. I’m sure some of the FX creation and perhaps animator/compositor would get a boost from the extra speed and/or memory, but we don’t use them nearly as much as we use live switching, editing, etc.

    For us, win2k pro has worked great. No bugs (that I know of) related to the OS have effected our GC to date.

    As far as what you should get… Depends on where you get it. In our case I build all our computers… so I go for the best bang for the buck. Usually Athlon XP systems (1800+) w/ 256 megs of ram.

    But if you’re buying somewhere else, take a look at when the next fastest processor makes the price really starts to jump up, and stay one step below that. Because, in reality, you most likely won’t notice the difference enough to pay the extra $. And in 2-5 years when you’re ready to upgrade, the measly 100 or more MHZ won’t really extend the life of the computer much.

    Just please, stay away from prebuilt computers like Compaq or other junk they sell at Best Buy (or any of those type places). They don’t use standard hardware (most of the time), and they load a bunch of extra junk on the computer that just slows it down.

    If you know a good local place that builds PC’s, you might look into them. Dell would be a big step up from the Compaq and gang type computers. I’d imagine GS authorized resellers also build systems for use with GC, too.


    David M


    I am going to upgrade to a new computer.

    Any other info from you or others would be helpful.



    Has anyone had any experience with Dell’s as their GC computer? We use them extensively (and they’re great) for other stuff but still have our original custom built computer for the GC … now it’s time to upgrade and we’re looking.


    Fritz Golman



    I am a total Dell snob! 😆 I have several in my office… all good of them are great!

    I would suggest the Dimension 4000 series. I’m using 1.5Ghz, 4300, and my son just bought 2Ghz, 4550 w/ everything but the monitor… <$500. Ya just can’t beat the service/performance/price.

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