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    Wow we’ve got this new forum, or at least it was new a couple months ago, great! It sounds like a good place where we could find information in the future. But will anything ever happen? We have been talking about getting the TC content reposted but with no reply from GS. No one has said anything for a while so I thought I’d bring it up again. I know at least the tech support guys at GS read the forums, maybe they’re not the ones responsible for this, then again maybe they are, but either way I think it could be mentioned to who ever is and perhaps get the ball rolling.

    I realize that all those tutorials aren’t going to reappear in a day but it’s been over a month and still nothing.


    I’m gonna dig around on my hard drive, and see if I can find a couple of Tutorials. Is there a preferred upload site you guys would like me to put stuff?


    Tim Johnson


    If you still have some of those Graffic Jam CDs, feel free to yank the tutorial and files off there and post them here. I don’t mind.

    Hope all is well for you out there, man.




    I’m gonna dig around on my hard drive, and see if I can find a couple of Tutorials. Is there a preferred upload site you guys would like me to put stuff?

    Karl, just send me a PM or email and I’ll make something available. It will have to moved up to the Corp server anyway so I’ll have to provide a URL for the item once I receive it and move it.



    If anyone has this “link” with samples/tutorials/contributions can you please post it or PM it? thanks




    feel free to look around. There are some tutorials there



    I’m sure glad we have this forum. It sure is helping a lot of people. I mean really, is anything going to happen with it? Not that it’s really a big deal but it seems like there sould be at least something here by now. At one point we were talking about restoring the TC stuff. Did anything happen with that?

    Once again, it’s not the most important thing right now, but I thought I’d bring it up again.



    I have been gone for almost a year. There has been renewed interest in our Trinity at work so they started in on me because I know more about it than any of them…even though every thing I know about it I learned from the great people here. I told them that very thing, but I guess I am the only one who isn’t afraid of asking questions or reading. 😉
    Seems postings have fallen off somewhat, I wonder if that is indicative of product sales or if the people who have systems now are getting the training the need so they dont need the kind of support I did/do?
    After beating my head against a wall for a few weeks I finaly have my 3 models from Lightwave playing in Personal FX. My points per polygon counts were too high and the models were flipping out. The texture problem of all values not importing stumped me for a while at the beginning as well. I turned up the diffuse and VIOLLA!!! something grey and bumpy appeared. Not the simple solution I had hoped for. I did figure out that by turning on a little luminance that the shadows smoothed out and I have some usable logos imported now for corner spinners and hopefully soon to have some nice custom made wipes using club logos for work. When I have a chance I would like to show a couple of pics. Kind of a way to say thank you again for all of the input I have gotten from you great people.
    Just a note: The DSK’s and Chroma key properties have impressed them enough to purchase a green screen and even considering upgrading to the Globecaster. Is it just me, or does this job get the best toys?



    First off, we definitly get the coolest toys (except maybe the people that write reviews for the products in the Robb Report).

    I can speak to the product sales/training question. I would say that one of the biggest differences between the way that Globalstreams has approached selling this product and the way Play did it (I have worked for both) is that when we sell a Globecaster to a new customer, 95% of the time training has been included in the sale. That has made a huge difference in the call volume and amount of time that it takes someone to get the essentials. That said, I recommend this forum to everyone I meet as a place to learn not only about GC and Trinity but also about all the other equipment that you hook up to it.

    I can tell you that from the top down, we really love this product and stand behind the work that we have put into it. We look forward to helping people anyway we can.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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