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    I just came back form a hectic adventure out in Quebec. I was contracted to edit a half hour show of a Bicycle Grand Prix. No biggie so far, the trick was that the show aired the same day of the event.

    The days went something like this.
    The night before voice recording for a 2 minute capsule.
    6am production meeting.
    7am all start his own prep routine.
    8am camera crew takes off to the start site. I enclose myself in the trailler that serves as an edit bay( thank God I am not clostrophobic and not it was a small trailer with AC and I cought a cold.
    I prep all the separate segments of the show. commercial breaks, etc…
    I gett my first batch of tapes. I start digitizing, edit the first quarter of the show and put it to tape. By that time I get the second batch of tapes. I start digitizing and edit the second quarter of the show and do a second 5 minute edit for the local news and put that to tape X 3 by then it’s about 2:30pm and I get lunch delivered to me in the trailer. around 3 pm I get another batch of tapes, I digitize and edit the third quarter of the show. By that time I get the last batch of tapes with interviews and the podiums. T digitize and edit the last quarter of the show. I then have to put together a 10 minute edit of world press that gets sent to a satelite.
    By then it is 6pm and the commentator comes in to record the voice over for the second and third and part of the fourth quarter of the show. Usually the second and third are 8 min long and the fourth he only has to voice 1 or 2 min. Once that is done I get to place them on the timeline and put the show on tape.
    the tape is done checked and put in the hands of the producer that goes and delivers it to the fiberoptic station to transfer to the TV station at 8:30pm.
    I then go for dinner and then come back to the trailer and record the voice for the 2 min capsule for the next day.

    Globecaster hung in there for 7 straight days. It’s speed, made it possible for me to do this. So I take the time to thank you all.
    I felt like Sharing.
    Have A Great Day.



    Glad to hear it.
    My GlobeCasters are still rock solid and making me money too.
    Keep up the good work! 😀


    Tim Johnson

    That’s awesome, man. Keep up the great work!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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