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    K L Perigo

    🙁 We recently have been experiencing problems with the Globecaster scrambling the manual order. This problem has only recently occured.
    I have recently had to reinstal 2.7 because the switcher suddenly started
    crashing while sorting.. Now I am having this problem.
    We are running on a Win2K Pro operating system.
    When I saw this happen yesterday, It looked like it had
    lost the connections between the shortcut and the main file, even though
    the main file was still there. Can anyone offer any suggestions?




    There are two places where you need to set manual ordering. Under Bin Properties, make sure Sort Method is set to Manual. Then, below, under Settings, make sure Manual ordering is checked.


    K L Perigo

    Thank you for your suggestion, but those were both highlighted.
    Any other suggestions?



    Approximately how many items are in the folder? I’ve heard of this having issues before and was possibly related to the number of items in the folder.


    K L Perigo

    We usually have around 70-110 picons.
    There is also usually 10-15 shortcuts to picons
    and an additional 10-15 shortcuts to the “black.color” picon
    that you get by dragging the black chicklet from the bottom of the
    switcher to the bin, (not the one used in keying).




    Once you changed the settings, did you save the layout? That doesn’t appear to be a sticky setting saved from session to session. I don’t think you have to save it after you move each picon though. Also, if you close that bin window or browse out of it, it doesn’t appear to save that setting.


    K L Perigo

    I don’t usually save the layout, but one of our volunteers did and he still
    had the same problem. I usually do “parent” out of the folder and
    back in to check it. And it usually holds the order. I don’t make a habit
    of making changes to that folder by keeping the switcher and character
    generator open at the same time. Like I said, it usually happens under
    my log-in which has access to the network and gives me admin privledges,
    but it doesn’t happen under the volunteer “Power User” set up which
    does not have network access or admin privledges.

    Does that help?



    Yes. Many settings are saved on a per user basis. You may have to save the layout under the account you logon as as well.


    K L Perigo

    I thought that the “Save Layout” function only saved the bin arrangements
    as well as their individual settings. Does it also save the manual order
    of slides?



    I think it would have to. There’s no other place that the order would be saved.


    K L Perigo

    Alas, it did it again. After a volunteer had saved layout, on his login the order got scrambled. I reinstalled the Globecaster 2.7 software earlier
    this week and really hadn’t had any problems till Sunday.
    My friend who was volunteering, said this time, he was making a change
    to a tga file in Photoshop that was being used in the switcher
    (Photoshop 6.1). When he tried to save over the file,
    he went back into the Switcher, and found the manual order scrambled.
    Is the Globecaster really that sensitive to file changes? I know that in the
    past if I made a change to a tga file after I had imported it into the
    timeline, it would still show the old image (even if I re-imported it)
    until I exited the software and restarted it. Then the timeline would
    import the updated image. Any advice, otherwise I am going to have to use one of my ten requests and contact tech support.

    Thanks. 😥



    The old file not being updated is not unusal with many edit systems.
    The solution isn’t to re-boot the software, but just unload the timeline and re-load it.
    This is saving the processor from re-loading each file every time if it can be saved in a buffer. Kind of a plus and a minus.

    I almost always save files by date modified, so I haven’t seen the problem you’ve mentioned, but I’m thinking maybe something with windows is acting up???
    The only time I’ve had a problem was when my computer’s clock was not working and “Sort by date modified” was messed up until I noticed the clock wasn’t working, (about 3 days of frustration!!!)

    Good luck.


    K L Perigo

    Thanks for thinking about it. I have emailed a question into
    Globalstreams for help. I noticed these “error messages” in the
    Event Viewer.

    Event 531
    The test of one of the UARTs failed.
    0000: 00000000 00520002 00000000 e8060213
    0010: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
    0020: 00000000 00000000

    Application Log
    Event 1000
    User NT Authority\System
    Windows cannot unload your registry file. If you have a roaming profile, your settings are not replicated. Contact your administrator.
    DETAIL – Access is denied. , Build number ((2195)).

    Event 4100
    The COM+ Event System failed to create an instance of the subscriber {6295DF2D-35EE-11D1-8707-00C04FD93327}. CoCreateInstanceEx returned HRESULT 8000401A.

    My IT person said it sounded like the volunteers were trying to access
    files that they did not have permission to do. So I went in and selected
    my projects folders, Globcaster folder and anything else I could find, and
    changed the security setting to allow anyone full control. Earlier on,
    no below PowerUser status could open GC. So I am giving this a try. I’ll
    see what happens. Until then, maybe Globalstreams may be able to help.

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