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    i am trying to use some avi animation with 720 x 480 pixel and use luma key. the trinity tell me that i dont have sificient memory.
    What kind of memory trinity uses; PC-100 / PC-133 or onother type of ram memory. Can i use a generical ram memory for PC to increase my trinity memory?



    Read here to buy memory chips.

    To check how much is currently installed click on Configure, then Installed Cards. It will tell you how much is in the Switcher and WE(s). 128 MB is the max (at this time).


    Casey Green

    I’m assuming you are talking about creating an Animation Overlay in Panamation (Animator Compositor)…

    You MAY already be at the maximun Memory limit (128MB) on the Switcher card which does the Overlay (DSK) playback…. (AS Pete said, you can always check this in the Configure Menu under “Installed Cards”).

    If you are trying to make an animation and save it as an Overlay from Panamation (Anim/Comp), you will be limited to around 6-20 seconds of animation depending on the complexity of the graphic. (Basically, the more screen area you use up in the graphic, the shorter the animation can be. Just make sure the file is less than 128MG OR whatever you Switcher’s memory limit is.

    If you want to make a longer animation to overlay in the Switcher, you will need a Time Machine (Non-Linear Option) added to your Trinity and save the animation out as a TM Clip over a Color or Black/White Background, and then do a Chroma or Luma Key from the Switcher.

    Hope this helps,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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