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    I want to create a line over a map graphic indicating a course taken (in a boat). The maps are stills and course line would be a key over. I want to reveal it following the course line (which curves around the lakes and rivers), but Panamation wipes are difficult and time consuming to make. Anybody got any cool ideas for doing this quickly?



    The simplest way would necessitate the animation running right to left or top to bottom (or the opposite of those). Then you could use a hard or soft-edged wipe to go in the direction of the course. If there are small curves that don’t backtrack, then this would probably happen fast enough so you wouldn’t see the line revealed in more than one spot.

    The second suggestion would be foryou to have the map with the course pre-drawn. Set your keyframe for the start to be just the map. Then jump to the end of the timeline (remember to preset the number of seconds needed in the Panamation properties menu) and draw the whole line out. Then start erasing some of the line (there’s a great brush to help you do this) BACKWARDS a small amount at a time. At appropriate intervals, set keyframes for your animation. When played forward, the line will appear to ‘grow’ in the desired direction. There are no wipes involved here, just a simple use of brushes and timely keyframes.

    I can think of some real cool effects to add to this, but I don’t know exactly what ‘look’ you’re going for.

    Got questions ? Call and I’ll talk you through it. 318.752.6150

    -Anthony D. Coppedge


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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