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    Read all about it [url=http://www.globalstreams.com/about_us/pr/videography_05-2003.pdf]here[/url].



    Nice article. Lot of good highlights for a overall great product.


    Mike Haskell

    I like this article as well. It’s nice to see Globalstreams come to terms with Trinity.


    Casey Green

    Good points throughout – many I have heard myself say to customers and clients along the way..

    ACE Seat License, Control Surface, Reliable Hardware (seperate from PC)…

    good to see these ideas finally being used as marketing.



    It’s always nice to see such a great product get recognized in the trade rags!
    G.S. seems to have a renewed interest in their customer base that I hope will help them have continued success.
    Congrats GlobalStreams.


    Tim Johnson

    Kudos, GS–nice to see great products get good press. It seems like they’ve found a niche in the production crowd. I hope the future looks great for you guys!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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