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    GlobalStreams is pleased to announce the availability of Q4 Bonus Bundles!

    Through Dec. 31, 2002, current and potential GlobeCaster users can add functionality to their systems at significant savings by taking advantage of the powerful Q4 Bonus Bundle offerings!

    Bonus Bundles are ONLY available through GlobalStreams Platinum Partner Resellers.

    For more information, please visit:


    With specific questions, please contact cthorne@globalstreams.com



    What is a Globecaster Content Pack?



    and while we’re at it… what’s the relegious content pack?

    or should I be asking what the differences are?



    We have three different content packs. Two have been around for quite a while: Dual Warp Content Pack and DSK Content Pack. You can find their description at the link below.


    The newest content pack specializes in religious themes for churches. It includes DSKs, stills,mattes and motion backs.





    What is the price for the Religous Content Pack.I already have 3 DSK cards and 2 warp engines with the content pack for each. Is it simular to Digital Juice’s pack (JUST CHURCH) ? and will there be something on your web sight so I can see what I am purchasing. On the DJ site they give you thumb nails so you can see what you are getting. ❓

    John Thomason
    JC Productions


    I just looked again at your add and I realize that the price will be the same as the other content packs 😳 but my second question still remains. is there a way for me to see what the Religous content pack has in it .I don’t want to duplicate what I already have. will something be on your site or will the dealer have something that can be seen ❓

    John Thomason
    JC Productions


    Tim Johnson

    The content in the Religious content packhas around 120 different cg templates, Animator/Compositor project files, FX, DSKs, and looping motion backgrounds. They are lumped into a few different “families” (or art-directions). Each family has a motion background, animated over-the-shoulder box pic, animated lower third, picture-in-picture fx and presets, and a lot of room to customize them to your specific needs. There are a couple of tutorials as well, including one on how to make a looping motion background out of a couple of your still frames. Another project shows how to “write on” CG page within Anim/Compositor–an animated signature if you will.

    Most of these families can be quickly modified for use outside of the religious realm. One of the families in this content pack is called, “World Religion Report.” It includes a slow rotating crucifix in an ABC news-type motion background. With one-click in Animator/Compositor, you can remove the crucifix and render the background out with no religious reference–perfect if you’re looking for a template for a newscast. You could do the same for the corresponding animated over-the-shoulder DSK, lower thirds, etc.

    Another family is called, “Praise.” This is a soft-focus, artsy background that could easily work for your wedding productions. There are also families that would appeal to corporate productions, high-tech productions, and others. Maybe GlobalStreams will post a couple of higher res samples on their site to see these.

    It’s pretty cool stuff. I’d recommend you taking a serious look at it, regardless of what type of productions you do. GlobalStreams tried to make the content as flexible as possible (you can change any of the colors, add your own logos, etc.) and use-able for any Globecaster/Trinity operator out there. Some of the content works well with multiple DSK systems. Not necessary to have a beefy system, though.

    If nothing else, it’s nice they included the project files to be able to pull these things apart and see how they’re made.



    Hey Tim,

    Thanks for filling us in. I got a .pdf file from a GS rep that showed a few screenshots. But your description helps make sense of it all.


    😀 I had a chance to see a demo of the new religious pack, very nice.
    will work well for those who work with several churches as I do

    John Thomason
    JC Productions



    Ok, this may sound like a dumb question…

    But after opening a link earlier in this thread, I noticed that I actually have the “Globecaster Content” pack. I am not sure if this is just the DSK content pack or what… but I have it.

    When I open up these CD’s, they just have DAT files on them, leading me to believe they should be part of an installer. But I don’t remember ever having to use them when I installed the system.


    1) What exactly do I have? Is it one of the content packs? or just the standard software that comes w/ the GC?

    2) What does it have on it?

    I’d like to look thru my HD and see if I did in fact install this. But I dont want to have to re-install just to check and see.

    There are 2 CDs in an orange/red cover. They say “content disk 01 version 2.4” and “content disk 02 version 2.4”

    the part # is 059-056-01 on the cover
    # 59-053-00 for CD1
    # 59-063-00 for CD2



    Tim Johnson

    I think they’re just the content that ships with the Globecaster, not the DSK pack or the Dual Warp. There’sa lot of content on there, but I don’t believe they are the “extra” content packs.



    Tim’s right. But if you never installed them, you should. There’s a lot in there. Run the installer and see what it tells you is/isn’t installed. The content is the last couple options. (It will also tell you some other basic content is missing, you can ignore that-known installer bug.)



    What Pete said was correct, the disks you have ship with the Globecaster and include about 2 gigs worth of content. The content paks that we sell are all modifiable because they include the project files. This means that you can easily personalize the graphics that were created in our software.

    They include:

    Dual warp content pack- (which can be modified to work with single warp users)

    DSK Content Pak- Lot’s of good stuff here. Drag and drop stills, AVI’s, and NLE Clips in over the shoulder dsk’s for Cable news quality graphics.

    Regious Content Pak- Tailored to meet the needs of Churches and religous organizations, however can be easily modified to meet the needs of those in the corporate/education sector.



    ok, so would the “sampler” areas be the content that’s on those disks?

    I have several effects and dsks, etc that I can open up and mess with the settings (project file included). I just dont recall ever using those cd’s during install.

    GS doesn’t happen to have a demo video of what some of these packs include, do they? Seeing a couple pictures makes it pretty tough to figure out exactly what type of stuff is included. And unfortunately, there is no local GS rep in KS… Gotta drive to Denver or St Louis.

    I’m trying to get approval to get other content packs, but not sure which ones would benefit us the most. I’m leaning toward the religious content pack as I work for a church doing 99% church stuff. But I don’t doubt there’s probably good stuff I could use on the other packs, as well…

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