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    Adrian Grey

    The content that Mike is talking about is the content that is in your sampler bins. Some (but not many) of those effects can have changes made, but those are mainly the SMPTE wipes–not the graphical ones.

    The content packs can be completely changed and modified. We include the project files as well as the sequential files to create the motion backs.

    We don’t have a video that shows the content, but that might be a possibility. I will be editing some content for the educational market soon, but I have not gotten to the religious market yet–sorry.

    I have been using the Religious Content Pack at my church with great success. Interestingly, because you can change everything about the projects, the pack is not really limited to religion. You could easily use many of these in any situation (maybe not the stained glass windows, but you understand).



    Mike, good to see ya posting more here. Thanks. Hope your truck is running well! 😉

    C-Bond, any relation to… just kidding. Welcome aboard.

    The only pack I don’t own is the Religious pack. 12 years in Catholic School…well you know.

    Seriously, the more pre-built stuff you have handy in your effects arsenal the better you and your system look to your clients.

    I just burned off a 20 minute VHS dub showing my “Real Time-No Rendering” effects for my Local Advertising Agencies and I’ve already gotten calls wanting to schedule new productions.
    Well worth the money!!!



    Ask and ye shall recieve. Pics of the religious content pak anyway 😀
    Go here to check out some stills that I saved at 320×240 (using the new scaling feature in framestore settings 😉


    I recommend that in your browser you enable thumbnail viewing

    click “View”
    click “Thumbnails”



    Hey, thanks for the ftp of pictures. A lot of those look really sharp.

    I’m assuming that the photos aren’t part of the content pack (cause I’ve seen a lot of them on my system already), but that mainly the DSK’s are what you’re showing off in those… is that right?

    Also, those graphics… are they mainly still or are they animated (textures)?


    Adrian Grey

    Virtually all of these are moving. The content pack is broken up into several families.

    1. Born of water: These backgrounds are a waterfall.
    2. Cathedral: Stained glass windows.
    3. Clouds: Clouds moving rapidly across the sky.
    4. Fire within: Fire background.
    5. Living waters: Kind of looks like looking down on a swimming pool.
    6. Praise: Flowers
    7. Return with honor: Kind of hard to explain, you’ll just have to look at the pictures.
    8. Scriptures: A page of the Bible, gently waving.
    9. World religion report: Kind of a newsy look, rotating globe and a rotating cross.

    I’ll try to get a few of these into a short demo that I can encode and post, but I am on the road this week so it won’t be until next week at the earliest.



    hey Chris,

    Should I welcome you to the forums? (first two posts here)

    You might remember… you came to our church in Topeka, KS shortly after we purchased our GC setup, and showed me the ropes. How’s the overseas stuff coming along?

    Anyhow, thanks for the input on this. It’s slowly but steadily coming together in my head what is included in the package… between the descriptions and pictures. I’ve tried to put the little spare time I get into doing nice effects like these packs, but rarely get enough time to put out any really nice and detailed stuff.




    The only problem with these deals I have is they come out after my budget for a year is gone for these prices. I need stuff advertised in January for July deadlines to be able to get money budgeted. I like the bundles 2 and 3 (especially 3) but can’t do a thing about it. Especially since I usually need to do everything in 3-4 duplicates so all of our systems keep the same functionality. Can you guys come out with a new version of packs 2&3 for next year that skips the seat liscense (got 4 coming from upgrades), Upgrade (I assume that’s the Trinity->GC upgrade) and the content packs? I think I have the content packs if they’re the ones that shipped with the DSK cards when they were first released. I’ve got 3 of those 🙂 Hafta adjust the pricing some too but it’s just a thought.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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