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    I would not even bother with Dvix in a professional setting. I love Dvix and have enjoyed watching a few movies thanks to that codec. Just not a solution I would offer a client.

    Depending on the codec, encoding machine and wrapper we could get 30fps using our dual cpu macs. Live streaming is not where I am concerned about the highest quality. Progressive download will rule for the near future.

    The MPEG4 is still not as good as Sorenson 3.1 Pro 2-pass for progressive, and Sorenson is better than Dvix. The 1-pass MPEG4 is better than the 1-pass Sorenson 3, but Sorenson produces a file that is on average 15% smaller 1 and 2-pass. I am impressed with the first MPEG beta codec from Apple for the $29.00 pro key I purchased for QT5 Pro. Once a 2-pass MPEG4 version is available, I am sure it will be better than Sorenson 3.1 Pro.

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