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    We ran a few video compression tests this morning using QT 6.

    OS X 10.1.4 running on my G3 500 PowerBook. I wanted to try this on a slower machine. I also have a dual gig sitting next to my PowerBook, but that was just toooo easy.

    Our QT Pro key worked fine. We were very impressed for the MPEG4 1-pass VBR included with QT Pro. Used the exact same settings for Sorenson Squeeze and QT Pro. A :30 DV promo was used as the source. Sorenson encoded faster by about 20%.

    MPEG 4 files size 4.1 megs
    Sorenson 1-pass file size 3.0 megs
    Sorenson 2-pass file size 3.1 megs
    Encoded audio at 96k video at 130.

    Sorenson and MPEG4 were just about the same visual quality, but Sorenson played smoother on my G3. When both compressed files were open and playing the MPEG4 file dropped frames and stopped at times. When I closed the Sorenson movie the MPEG file played without problems at normal size. If I doubled the size of the MPEG4 movie or played full screen the movie would again drop frames and the audio would stutter. Sorenson did not have these problems. The new MPEG4 trailers available on the Apple site looked wonderful, but still had some of the problems I pointed out above. Their files are compressed from MJPEG last I knew from either a betacam or Digibeta source. This does improve the overall quality after compression.

    Encoded the same file using Sorenson 2-pass VBR. Sorenson wins here IMHO. Color was better and the full screen video played smooth, full screen was much cleaner.

    QT Pro and MPEG 4, not bad at all for $29.00. We have $400.00 in vested in Squeeze and SV3 Pro.

    Have not tried the live streaming yet.

    Just a short report. 😀



    We were working with Sorenson last year on getting the Sorenson Broadcaster for Windows to work with the GC. Some issue did not allow Sorenson to send a full 30fps on the system and neither Sorenson, nor I could figure out why. It was definately getting the audio/video stream at 30fps, just not encoding it at that.

    QuickTime 6 will be a very good choice when the Export to AVI option is released for the GC.

    Have you compared QT6 with Divx 5.0.x at all?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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