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    Just had to come by and mention that my Trinity/Globecaster is still working for us 8 hours a day. I still appreciate the fact that I can do BOTH linear and non-linear out of the same box and use it as such on almost every project I produce/edit.
    It is not without it’s faults and after 30+ years of editing (3 years editing with a full blown Trinity) I DO KNOW how to find faults…but for what I do it is a very good tool and produces very professional results. Almost to a person everyone that sees the system in use is pleasantly surprised at the versitility and quality of the Globecaster and our final product.



    Great to hear Ron!

    Be sure to keep us all up to date on any new BUGS you find 😀

    sorry, bad I know!
    couldn’t help it



    Ron, I’m in the same boat. With all the fantastic tools out there, my GlobeCasters are still my main production tools.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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