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    I wanted to verify what I need to do to connect our tally lights up. What my CCU requires is a simple contact closure so I was going to use a simple set of 3 relays. By the docs I have I will need to use an external power supply, ground it to pin 5 of the 9 pin sub-D. Connect positive to each of the relays and connect the other coil legs to pins 1,6,2 for 3 cameras. I am assuming it does not matter if I use a 5V or 12V power supply since the docs say the MAX is 12V. I plan on building this today so will check back here before I plug it all in. Someone sent me a file containing all the info I need but I can not read the file now for some reason and can not tell the program that made it because the file extension is missing.



    Email support (support@globalstreams.com) with your fax number and I can get you the document you can’t open now.

    You are correct on the power supply issue.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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