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    Israel Ramirez:

    I’m looking for the conection for the tally light on the Trinity, does anybody know where can I get one, I’m using the Sony M5 camera controller.



    Roch D. – CHS:

    I’m looking also the same thing for my JVC GY-X2 and Panasonic AG-DP800. Any clues how to install the tally light with Trinity. I’m doing a daily show and it will be easier for my talents.


    Roch D. CHS – Los Angeles.



    I am just taking a guess here on Tally Lights. I was just admiring the backside of our Trinity the other night and I saw a nine-pin d-sub connector (you know, like a serial port on your PC).

    I am going to venture a guess here, WAY out on a limb, that this connector being the nine pins that it is covers all eight input tallies and a ground.

    I have no idea on the spec but if I were the folks at Play (which I’m not) I would have made pin 1 or 9 ground and pins 2-9 or 1-8 the individual tally pins. So there is a common ground a dry contact that closes between ground and the hot camera(s).

    I would really prefer that pin 1 be input 1 on down to pin 8 for input 8 and 9 being ground. That would be most intuitive and I would bow in humblenessto the mega-brains at Play. 🙂

    This, of course, is not based on any concrete information it is just a guess. Wanna test it? buy a nine pin serial cable at “the shack”. Cut it in half. Strip out each wire. Plug in this cable. Switch to input one. Do a continuity test with an average volt meter. if you have continuity between pins one and nine, you’re set. Now try input two, between pins two and nine. If you get continuity, you are still set. If none of this works…then…I don’t know.

    Does anyone else have some ideas. Play friends: Mark or Eric? Your thoughts?



    Eric Pratt

    Anyone wanting information on the Tally lights can hop on the tech cue at 916-636-2444 and ask any tech to fax them the Tally Outs sheet. Looking at it, it appears (and I’m not an engineer) that 5 (the bottom pin in the row of five) is the ground, but if you’re rigging the tally lights call us and ask for the sheet.
    Eric Pratt PG



    Thanks Eric,

    I called and Casey (I think it was Casey) sent me the fax right away. You are correct, pin 5 is ground. I wish (for what its worth) that Play had designed pin nine as ground, and pins 1 through 8 as the various input tallies. Intuitiveness is underrated.

    Anyhow. I did have one question for you Eric that I thought you might be able to chase down for me, since you work right there.

    On one page (page 1 of my fax) it has just a simple drawing of the logic side (inside Trinity) and the pinout for the connector. It is just a blowup of the drawing from the “Roadmap” page I was faxed. Anyhow. It has a grid of the output to pin pattern. It lists the outputs like this: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 6, 7, 9. Where’s 8? Is that a typo or does that mean the ninth input slot on Trinity?

    When I was looking at Trinity the other night the backside had the first seven slots clearly for input cards, and then a small gap where some outputs were (PGM, and PVW/GPI) and then more open slots, and finally the coordinator card. I can’t remember the slot numbers after that gap, but I thought to myself where is output eight?

    I ask because the other fax page I got for Tally has a rather small pinout pattern and it doesn’t show up on the fax transfer.

    Also, I was wondering if I just had a portion of the manual faxed to me? I hope I didn’t waste anybodies time having that portion faxed to me when it may have been in the manual. Can someone who has manuals close by check on that? It has “Roadmap” on the top of the page and it is Chapter sections 19.4 and 19.5. I can’t make out the full page number but it is 20? for both. I don’t have a manual set handy. I could have just looked in the manual for that and hate to have wasted anyone’s time having it sent to me.

    Anyhow. Have a good one.

    –Lyle E. Dodge

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