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    I’m not sure if there was a discussion about this on the prior fourm, but is it possible to create a timeline output to tape with the timecode burned/overlayed into the video for logging and evaluation purposes? I’m not referring to using the super from a deck’s timecode reader but the acutal Trinity/GC timeline timecode.


    Fritz Golman



    Not to my knowledge, and it would be useful for me also.

    Two workarounds: one is what you meantioned, using the deck’s super (which requires laying to tape before making the window dub); the other is to use an external box, like Horita’s TG-50 & a TC generator to drive it. (After you make the window dub with TC that you specify, you match your timeline’s TC to it by changing the start time code.)

    It would also be nice to be able to burn a window dub from TM clips.

    At least if there was a TC ouput that would have the choice of the timeline TC, the source TC being echoed to it, or the clip TC, we could use it with an external box. Also it would allow external devices to chase-lock to it.


    Jim W

    Don’t laugh at this, because I have used it before: shoot a closeupof the time coded display on your computer monitor with a live video camera, and key, wipe or DVE it over you video output. Not elegant, but it works. There might be a one frame (or other?) delay through the box, but someone else will have to tell you about latency of the computer display vs. the program video out, if any.


    A time code output is high on my list of improvements.



    Talking about time code. GS should consider in their new software a fix that would permit you to import the TC of a tape while you are digitizing that way you could always go to you original logs and all numbers would be the same.



    TM doesn’t import the clip’s TC values?



    TM does keep track of the clips TC.
    If you select the clip, and tell TM what deck the source tape is in you can see the time code for that clip and re-digitize it if needed.

    My decks have a Video Out that you can turn on the TC window. That’s how I make my TC dubs for clients.


    Jim Capillo

    TM doesn’t import the clip’s TC values?

    Hey WaveRider – good to see that old handle! Been along time….. since the Amiga days 😆



    Umm…there seems to be two kinds of timecode being discussed here.
    The timecode from the source tapes used for batch processing, and (I may be misreading this) timecode from the final project.
    For the source tape variety, on pro decks there is usualy a monitor out feed that displays the timecode on the bottom (our DJ use this to cue up tapes to play videos). Consumer decks are just plain out of luck unless you are using DV.
    For the final cut flavor of Timecode…its a poor solution but works. Make a fifteen minute prerendered counter and key over. If your project is longer, just add “Reel” numbers like in old timey film person might
    e.g. 2 14:58:25 = reel 2 14 min 58 sec 25 frames.

    There are also audio solutions in other apps. For all I know Globecaster may even have something similar SMPTE to Audio track. All we have is a Trinity running 2.4 so I’m sure I won’t find any goodies like that lurking anywhere.
    PS. Timecode has long been my favorite reason for recording audio to DAT over tape…made sync’ing up film SOOOO much easier in post. Also catalogging specific music passages rather than using the rough numbers from CD’s.

    Anywho, just my two cents worth.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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