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    Help again. Titlewave will not open, and if I try to open a titlewave file from a folder in any other program (Preditor, Air command), those programs crash. I get a Windows error message, but the generic one telling me to restart the program.

    Any ideas?





    What else is running?
    Have you made any changes on your computer system? Any new programs?

    Try just having TW open.

    If this doesn’t work a Un-install Re-Install is possibly in order.



    Did you add anything to your system? I still have problems opening the compositing program. I have to have a disk, any disk in the zip drive or it gives me a harddrive error. This is on both the last build for the Trinity and latest build for GC. Still can’t figure out why, I just keep a blank disk in there all the time.



    I have a similiar problem in Panamation. I found it’s because when I access another drive without Panamation on it. In other words, before you close Panamation, open a file.. say in Panamation’s projects. Then close the program. Then try to re-open Panamation to see if that worked.



    I’ll give it a try.



    I’ve also had some corrupt font files cause some issues with TW. Have you installed any new fonts lately? Or any software that might have installed some fonts, like Office or something?

    You can also try renaming the Bins folder, then launching TW to see if it comes up. If it does, then try browsing the newly renamed Bins folder until you get to the folder that causes it to crash. This would indicate a corrupt file inside that bin.



    I have gotten crashes in TitleWave because of a corrupt tif that was in one of the bins. Everytime I opened the bin the program would crash. If you have a corrupt file in one of the default CG bins, then TitleWave will crash upon opening. One thing to try is to empty the contents of your default CG bins to somewhere else, then try opening TitleWave.



    Guess I should have read Mdabbs post more carefully, it’s basically the same thing.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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