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    PC: NT 4.0, SP6

    Appears to work w/o problems.

    It did not remove the c:\program files\play directory (same for cache on d:\), not sure that it is required, but was recommended in past that the cache files be removed fromthe system.

    Did remove registry entries.

    Did not remove entry for Vidoenet service, so it still tries and fails on reboot. Not an issue is reinstalling on same PC, but only an anoyance.

    Reinstall of 2.7 and 3179 patch, w/o issue.


    I have used the uninstall util a number of times on a number of machines. I have noticed no problems when doing the software re-install.

    I have also noticed I can use the util on a Trinity or GlobeCaster system PC too.

    Systems were:

    a) Windows 2000 SP1 (Celeron)
    b) Windows 2000 SP2 (P4)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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