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    Tim Johnson


    I’m trying to install the upgrade card, but it didn’t come with instructions. What slot does it go in?



    It goes in one of the slots on either side of the Coordinator card. (Like the audio router.)

    Page 7 in the install manual has a picture.


    Tim Johnson

    Thanks, Pete. The card is now installed, but the text on the buttons is garbled within Panamation and TitleWave. (It’s fine in PFX and Switcher–weird.)

    Has anyone run into this? Again, I’m running XP–I realize that may be the issue. If I need to get Win2K, I’ll do it. Just wondering if anyone has run into this or has a solution to it.

    Thanks again for the help!


    Mike Haskell

    I remember something about garled text. Maybe tech support can search the TC archives and let you know.


    Tim Johnson

    After much suffering and frequent heart stoppage, and through the awesome tech support of GS, we figured it out.

    Dan at Tech Support spent about an hour on the phone with me trying to figure this deal out. Nothing we tried worked out. Later on in the day, he called back and said he remembered somebody had the same sort of problem. He suggested I copy the fonts directory to another folder on my hard drive, un-install all fonts in the Windows/Fonts directory, and re-install the fonts to see if there were any corrupt files.

    I did as he said, but there was no change. Still corrupt buttons in CG and Anim/Compositor. I then tried an incremental font install, to see if XP wasn’t picking up the corrupt file. I loaded group by group, and lo-and-behold, I found it: the troublemaker was a font called “Blue Moon”. I double-clicked on the font icon, and sure enough, there was no “quick brown fox…” font example that came up.

    I would like to thank GS tech support for going the extra mile to get my system up and running! You guys are great!




    Ok, this is weird… because I *thought* I posted to you early this morning that it was probably a problem similar to the one with the ACE seat S/W needing to have proper fonts installed on the machine… but I dont’ see it here. (Maybe I typed and then forgot to submit? I need a vaction!)

    Oh well, good info to have. Glad you got it working. And my hat’s off to tech support too, things have gotten sooo much beter than the old days. 😀


    Gary Brown

    The help here is great except that I don’t have a picture of the upgrade slots on page 7 of my installation book. One of my manual series, is my installation manual. That is all I have. I also have a controller card not a coordinator card (as printed on the board by Play). I have a feeling all this has to do with the transfer of everything into the GS domain from Play.

    I have two slots that seem logical, one on either side of my ‘Controller’ card. They are on the side that the audio module would go if we used one. So … do I risk it???

    Any input from the troops??



    Casey Green

    Yes, that will do the trick.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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