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    I am looking for any information about using Trinity’s GPI to control things. The manuals don’t give a whole lot of info, or at least I can not find it.

    What I am trying to do is activate an instant start DAT machine (Fostex D10) with GPI input to roll (Play audio) when triggered by an event on the Preditor timeline. This will allow me to quickly drop an editied (music, sfx, V.O.) soundtrack back to the video tape without having to haul an Editor VCR into my audio room.

    Any one used the GPI’s and to what success.

    Thanks again for your help.




    First Call Play at 916-636-2444 and ask for the GPI trigger pages. It is from some upcomming mysterious manual from page 200 something at chapter 19.4 “Connecting GPI Triggers”. They may also offer (and it is worth getting) the Tally Light pinouts and that is manual chapter 19.5.

    If you need it right away email me your fax number and I can fax it to you.

    From an excerpt of chapter 19.4 it says “GPI Triggers can also be dropped into the timeline for use in Preditor, or to create a timeline for use in the Switcher.” I can see how to physically hook all this up but I could not find in my 10 or so minutes of playing with Preditor a way to put a GPI trigger on the timeline. Maybe this preview of a new manual is also a preview of a new version, who knows?

    Good luck.




    GPI triggers are now pretty easy. I use a Pinnacle Prism for Quick ADO type moves. You might have to adjust the GPI Settings to output and adjust the length. Then all you have to do is drag that GPI on the timeline. I have found that I need to trigger the GPI about 10 frames early for an off screen effect, But I have had pretty good luck in Version 1.2 with GPI’s. Ted Ad-Venture Video Productions


    Adrian Grey

    Steve, look to ITUG for a tutorial I wrote on GPI. It should be posted soon. I hope it helps you out.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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