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    We are experienceing problems with our videonet card and are trying to figure out if its the card or the drivers. Im curious to know if anybody is selling there videonet card or how much they go for. Any help would be greatfull.



    Which version are you running? Trinity orGlobecaster?
    We had to get updated GAL chips from tech support before upgrading to the Globecaster. The GAL chip is ON your VideoNet card.



    We are running a Trinity using build 3087B on version 2.4. We discovered that the computer can “see” the card, but tells us the card is not working. Do you know of away or a place to do dionastic checks on a card like this?

    Becky’s friend Doug (RavenMan99@aol.com)



    On the card, when you turn on Trinity, does the green light come on or Red?
    Re-seating the card has often solved any problems.



    I encountered the problem while I try to install Videonet to my new P4. System found the card but driver says that Videonet is working uncorrectly. I was trying to change slot, re-install driver and make fresh install etc. The problem goes away when I reset computer’s BIOS to factory defaults. 😯 Still amazing on this…



    Its hard to see the lights due to using an older Compaq unit, so Im not quite sure. I will try re-seating the board and make note of the lights if they come on and get back to ya. An engineer friend said they card shouldnt be moved to another slot due to the card touching to mother board some how. I try these suggetions this afternoon and get back with ya. thanx.

    rschipull’s friend Doug (RavenMan99@aol.com)


    Doug Suttle

    After some consulting with other techs, editors and so fourth, plus working on the system we’ve figured that we lost our card due to something (power surge, static elec. ect.) At this point we’ve tried all thats been suggested and the card remains unresponsive. Plus we found out that we couldn’t activate the 3087B build to update our driver. If anyone knows any good deals on VideoNet cards, please drop me a line. Thanx again for all who responded.

    Doug Suttle
    Night Raven Productions



    How bout you send it in for repair? The flat rate for videonet is $225 for Trinity and free for those who have upgraded with the optional hardware warranty. Contact us toll free @ 866.558.7830


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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