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    Hi, my friends!

    Long-long time I didn’t post to the forum since I had not any problems. But good time is over now. Last day our computer technician comes to me and brings P4-1700 with win2000 (ASUS P4B motherboard). He asked me for upgrade old Trinity comp (P2-350) and I go in it.
    I still have not GlobeCaster (thinking about it all the time) and use Trinity 2.4 (3078). I try to install 2.4 to new comp and I’m failed!

    Part 1
    1. I inserted VideoNet card to slot 3.
    2. I installed 2.0 from old Play’s CDs.
    3. I began to install patch but when process was close to the end I get message “Can not install VideoNet driver. Error #6”

    After Part 1 I deleted all Trinity files and registry entries according to instruction from old TC and:

    Part 2
    1. VideoNet card is already in slot.
    2. I installed 2.0 from old Play’s CDs.
    3. 3078 patch is successful and prompt me to restart.
    4. After restarting windows with title something like “VideoNet _inst” pops on the screen and system falls into deep thinking.
    5. Minutes follow minutes but nothing happens. After 15 minutes of waiting I press CTRL+ALT+DEL and delete this window from the list of applications.
    6. In this very moment window with title something like “You need to restart you computer after new driver is installed”. I restart.
    7. VideoNet is in list of devices but with exclamation mark. Trinity doesn’t start and returns me “unspecified error”.

    I ask for one thing – HELP! 😥



    Here are a few things to try:

    Remove the VideoNet device from the Device Manager and reboot. Windows should find the device again and ask for the drivers. Point it to the vnet2000 folder under the folder where you installed the Triity software. It should find the drivers therre and install them.

    You can also try moving the VideoNet card to a different slot. Preferably one that has no other cards in either slot adjacent to it to reduce the risk of IRQ sharing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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