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    Can I run the Globecaster under Win XP?




    It has not been cleared by R&D yet. It is not supported and should be installed at your own risk

    Until it is fully tested, Win 2000 is still be best way to go.

    I will tell you that I have been running GlobeCaster Studio 2.7 under XP Pro for about six months without any significant problems.



    We are running 4 Trinity 2.4 systems on windows XP currently. I would assume the Globecaster’s higher revision will run better than ours. Our systems are running as well (better I think) as they did on windows 2000. Remember, winxp is just the next NT version following windows2000. If you want to use xp I’d say go for it but Globalstreams has to protect themselves since it’s not “officially” tested and approved and can’t tell you that 🙂 I’d stick to the winxp PRO version not the home version. We used winxp pro OEM versions. If you use an “upgrade” there is a process to wipe and install from scratch (highly recommended) where you just put in the serial number of the OS being upgraded from. BTW, WinXP PRO OEM->$140 from http://www.newegg.com and all you have to do is buy some non-oem piece of hardware for each copy. They sell mice for under $1 each 🙂 It Qualifies. Cheap deal for winXP Pro.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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