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    I just installed the new version of the software on a fresh computer and can confirm that it does not assign the ‘g’ key to any shortcut.

    Make sure you uninstall the old software, empty the Recycle Bin and Restart you computer before installing the new software.

    If you have installed the new software and continue to have issues with the ‘g’ shortcut then you will need to re-install the old software to force Windows to associate the ‘g’ key with the CS100 shortcuts. Then do the uninstall, empty Recycle Bin and Restart and Windows will forget about the shortcut key. Install the new software and everything should be fine.

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    There was an error in the first round of CS-100 software that bound the ‘g’ key to several of the items in the CS-100 program group. One solution is to select each of the shortcuts in the program group and remove the bound key. The better solution is to uninstall the CS-100 software and reboot your computer (this must be done first) then download and install the newer software from the FTP site:

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    We will begin taking orders for the new surface control panel at IBC in mid-September. It is scheduled to ship this year, sometime in Q4.



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    Dupree, I honestly thought you were joking. As Eric says, there’s obviously no content like that here. To be sure, we searched our entire site to see if anyonewas hosting something that we didn’t know about and could find nothing.

    Tell me more about your ESPN account. Do you know how they are filtering it? By matching terms? I’ll tell you now, we’re not doing this to try to deter people from using the BB. Why would I go through all of the trouble of moving the old forum, retaining people’s accounts so usernames aren’t “stolen” by others and to sift through tens of thousands of old posts just to run people off?

    Bottom line, I want people to post here, but I don’t work for ESPN, and I know there’s no content like that here. I want to help you get through to our site, as its obvious you can from somewhere due to your posts, but I need a little more info than just “it doesn’t work” and then jabs are thrown. Give me an email address of someone at ESPN internet account access and I’ll ask them why they’re blocking our site. I may have to referenece you as the user who is complaining since I don’t have an account with them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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