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    Anybody have some cool pics of your GC work in action? Mind if we use it in a brochure? Please email any pic with a short story about what is going on to support@globalstreams.com. If your’s makes it into the literature we will send you a free ACE seat license or content pack combo! (your choice of 2 content packs)

    Mike Benke


    Tim Johnson

    I’ve got a bunch of pics of GS products in action. They’ve saved my behind on several occasions.



    I’ll be sending you some shots from our weekly, live talk show on PBS (it also airs as a radio program heard around the country, check your local listings for Beyond the Beltway, 6-8 PM CT on Sundays or tune in WLS 890 if you can get the 50,000 watt signal). We’ve also been using the GC for at least four years (on WYCC here in Chicago).


    Fritz Golman
    Chicago IL

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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