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    This forum is designed to help all current GC beta testers get together to compare notes on issues with the current beta program.

    The current list that I have received so far includes:

    Flatten timeline- load enough stills to max out memory (128MB in this case), selecting flatten time results in “Got error ‘Unable to create another still store – there is no memory available for the buffer.’ (E8050017). Operation aborted. Unloading TL and trying flatten w/o letting TL load still fails.

    Flatten timeline- loaded a still on V1 & V2, dropped enough FX on TL to max out memeory, selecting flatten TL results in “Got error ‘Unspecified error’ (80004005). Operation aborted.” Unloading TL and retrying w/o preload results in “Got error ‘Unable to find (or create) enough free memory to complete the operation.” (E8050013). Opereation aborted.”

    Seems like it should handle a long TL in the same fashion as a 30 second disolve between 2 TM clips-breaking it up into pieces.

    Flatten timeline- V1 & V2 are Tm clips (about 7 seconds each), drop OTS FX in TL and drag to over 6 seconds. First Flatten timeline is ok, but if you undo the timeline change and then repeat the FT command, you get “Got error ‘Unable to find (or create) enough free memory to complete the operation.” (E8050013). Opereation aborted.” Unloading timeline fixes it, then FT can be redone.


    Each clip is recorded in TM 2 frames longer than it should be. Last 2 frames are gak, as though TM doesn’t stop recording on time.


    Audio/video sync of not maintained. The first time a clip is flattened the audio is delayed one frame (this is true of an audio omly and video only clip being combined, as well as a section of an A/V clip). If it is flattened again, it is about 1/2 a frame additional delay on each subsequent flatten.

    This is most likely a system wide problem of the audio delays not matching the video delay for particular configurations.


    Others are having varying degrees of success but I think are having some issues regarding isolated equipment. Please post your comments here so all can discuss.



    As Marc commetned on in the Forum, there are pops at the end of a flattened segment. It took me a while to find them in what I was testing, but sure enough… just chose a clip with constant audio (violins would be perfect) and layer it on itself, then offset one of the tracks so you can easily tell that there are 2 tracks. Then CTRL+S a small segment out of one, and flatten it. On playback there wil be a glitch at theout point.

    I STRONGLY suspec that if the video outpoint issue and the A/V sync issue are addressed this will be included in the fix.



    testing 123

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