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    This will be my second year in a row producing the Squaw Valley KT-22 awards show. I just finished putting the final touches on the graphics/video package and it looks stellar! 3.0 made the job a WHOLE lot easier than last year, with the improved import in the Editor, and improved features in the A/C and CG programs.

    For this show, I primarily use my system as a StillStore/ClipStore, projecting up onto 2 big 12′ screens. There are 12 awards handed out, and a minimum of 3 nominees for each award. Each nominee had pictures and video clips, which all needed editing/tweaking. There are easily 20 video segments to produce, and over 60 customized title slides. GlobeCaster makes it easy to do.

    Last year, about 90 minutes before showtime, a number of misspelled names were discovered. These were on my final master sheet, and had been approved by 3 different people already. Had we used a lesser system, we couldn’t have made the changes in time. But, with the GlobeCaster, it was a piece of cake.

    Anyway, thanks for 3.0!!!!



    Congrats Karl. I’m sure a talented guy like you will make it look great!


    Tim Johnson

    Good luck, Karl! I hope it goes well for you!


    Casey Green

    Good to hear Karl!

    Glad you are doing well. If you’re in L.A. anytime, gimme a call.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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