Panamation – Live Paint and Telestration

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Mission Control Computer

One computer to Mix, Capture, and Stream to ANY platform.  Facebook, Youtube, Ustream, Livestream, or you name it.  Buy it NOW. $795 with free shipping,capture hardware and the latest GlobeCaster software pre-installed.

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GlobeCaster & Trinity

Intuitive production tools for videographers of every skill level.

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Buy Back Program

We are currently buying CS-100/1000’s, SDI I/O’s, Frame Sync Composite Inputs and Videonet Cards!



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Case Studies

Where you can find more information on how GlobalStreams integrates Trinity and GlobeCaster along with other equipment.


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Content Packs

Thousands of Stills, FX, and DownStream Key content, royalty free and complete with project files and animations.  Jump start your graphics with one of our custom content packs!


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What You Get With Every System





Stay Up to Date on News and Upgrades

Whether one of the first or one of the newest in the GlobeCaster family, we will drop you a line from time to time.