GlobeCaster 3.5

Build 3505 is the official release of 3.5 software.

Due to several changes to file locations and improvements to the applications, it is strongly recommended that you uninstall your old software before installing 3.5 Build 3505. When uninstalling you will only need to remove the software and can leave the Bins directory intact. Also make sure you delete any shortcuts for the previous software versions.

Features of 3.5 Build 3505 include:

  • Input Monitors large and medium view
  • Keyer Framestore Info Panel update (fixes known issue with external file format support)
  • Power Point to Stills – Supports more export types and sizes
  • Multi-Audio clip adjustment in Editor – Select multiple clips in editor and adjust audio for all
  • DSK to DSK copying – Load DSK’s from 1 card to another in the Switcher

Please report any and all issues to GlobalStreams at

This installer features both the PAL and the NTSC versions of the installer. It is necessary to be under warranty to download this version.




GlobeCaster 2.9.1 Software

This installer features the NTSC version of the installer. PAL requires 3.3 or newer.



GlobeCaster ACE Seat License

Installers feature the Globecaster ACE Seat license for both PAL and NTSC.  ACE currently requires a USB dongle to function.



Content For All Software Versions *** LARGE Files, Please be patient ***

The latest GlobeCaster Content CDs:


Update Files

VideoNet Adapter Patch

This is a patch to repair the issue with the GlobeCaster Host PC’s VideoNet Adapter being kicked out. It is now an executable file. Simply run the file to install the patch. If you require assistance, contact GlobalStreams Technical Support at



This is a diagnostic utility for helping troubleshoot various GlobeCaster related issues. It can determine the cards that are in your GlobeCaster including the memory installed on each. It also detects your computer hardware and installed version of the GlobeCaster files. It also includes a Time Machine utility that helps determing the input cards it is cabled to.


This is the Video for Windows driver for the Ethernet Output Card.


This tool is handy to find out what cards are installed inside your GlobeCaster andwhat you have in regards to Coordinator Card’s memory. To determine the amount of memory on your Coordinator card, follow these instructions

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