GlobeCaster I/O Cards

Completely Modular architecture that supports the many different standards

iosImprove your GlobeCaster by upgrading your I/O capabilities to SDI, Component, Composite, Y/C, DV, and HD-DVI-Out.  Inputs feature color correction, advanced timing and format controls, pass through headers for DDR and more!

  • SDI I/O – Each input features two thru-puts, and a composite monitor out.  Each Output features 4 output connectors.
  • Component – Supports RGB, YUV, and Y/C input and thru-put
  • Composite Y/C – Supports NTSC Composite and S-Video Y/C with built in framesync.
  • DV-I/O – Four pin firewire IEEE-1394 with composite monitor output and framesync
  • HD Output card -Features Analog Component and DVI-D outputs up to 1080p
  • Analog Audio I/O – 8 line level XLR inputs, 2 Monitor and 2 Program Outputs, Send and Return FX.

For more information, or to order your next I/O card, contact GlobalStreams Sales at or call toll-free at 1(800) 788-7205.

GlobeCaster HD I/OHDIO

Add the economical HD-SDI* option to your new or existing GlobeCaster System

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