ACE MonsThe GlobeCaster ACE Seat License, a suite of our animation/compositing, titling, and effects generation software, saves GlobeCaster users time and money by dividing production in an innovative way.

Withthe ACE Seat License, an additional computer can be connected to the GlobeCaster Host PC via an Ethernet network so animation, paint, effects and titling can be created offline and dropped into GlobeCaster bins ready for broadcast. This modularized production empowers one person to create and load graphics, titles, and effects while another operates the GlobeCaster. This is a simple way to have a dedicated CG operator and more.

GlobeCaster ACE Seat License Includes:

  • GlobeCaster Animator/Compositor – permits users to create and animate without limits. Every object, whether it is a graphic (popular formats: AVI, MOV, JPG, TIFF, TGA, PSD, BMP, PNG and more are supported ), text, or a drawn object, can be individually scaled, animated, color corrected or moved. Additionally, Animator/Compositor features vector drawing tools including geometry, freehand, particle clouds, and soft airbrushes; extensive control over stroke properties such as transparency, soft edges and drop shadows; and powerful image-processing strokes such as blur, magnify, colorization, and posterization.
  • GlobeCaster Character Generator – enables users to create title overlays, customized type styles, and smooth sub-pixel variable-speed rolling, crawling, and animated titles. Loads most common image formats for backgrounds, textures, images, logos, etc. Features independent application of image and transparency maps for face, border, sides and shadow. Includes an intuitive on-screen interface for text layout and font editing.
  • GlobeCaster Effects Generator – assists in the creation of digital video effects, transitions with graphics, and transitions using 3D models. Effects Generator can also make real-time color correction effects.

GlobeCaster ACE Seat License – another time and money saving innovation from GlobalStreams that adds the power of flexibility to your broadcast communications. The ACE Seat License works with most PCs and laptops running Windows XP, Windows 7,8, or 10 (32 bit). An available USB or parallel port is required for usage.


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