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This warranty program provides customers with optimum performance assurance by combining warranty coverage with access to on-going support services.

Toqualify for the Extended Warranty Protection, your system must be a GlobeCaster, or a Trinity that has been Upgraded to GlobeCaster, carry a valid software license, and be in good working order.

The Extended Warranty includes:

  • Free software upgrades, patches and fixes
  • Priority overnight shipping
  • 1 hour per month custom online training
  • 10% off new GlobeCaster hardware
  • Unlimited technical phone support via our toll-free call center number
  • Unlimited technical email support
  • Full one-year hardware warranty for all GlobeCaster system components including:
    • Motherboard
    • Audio & Video Router
    • Audio Module
    • Power Supply
    • Upstream/Downstream Video Processing Cards
      • Time Machine
      • Warp Engine
      • Frame Store
      • Clip Grab
      • Switcher
      • DSK
    • Input and Output Cards
    • VideoNet Card

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the peace of mind that comes with unlimited technical support and a comprehensive hardware warranty.

To request information, or to purchase the Extended Warranty, please contact GlobeCaster Sales or (800) 788-7205 or Support@globalstreams.com.

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