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Features of 3.5 Build 3505 include:

  • Input Monitors large and medium view
  • Keyer Framestore Info Panel update (fixes known issue with external file format support)
  • Power Point to Stills – Supports more export types and sizes
  • Multi-Audio clip adjustment in Editor – Select multiple clips in editor and adjust audio for all
  • DSK to DSK copying – Load DSK’s from 1 card to another in the Switcher

For more information on how to use this new version of software and to understand the new features, be sure to visit the — USER GUIDE. This User Guide is for new software features only.

This release will only function on a GlobeCaster or an upgraded Trinity.

Note: 32 bit ,Windows 7 and 10 Supported.

Note: This version REQUIRES a 1 MB Static RAM module on the Coordinator Card. If the GlobeCaster has a Time Machine or a DV/IO card, this memory module has been installed. This new version of software will not function without this memory update. Click here to check your Coordinator Card’s memory

This is a full installation of the GlobeCaster software. You will need to uninstall your current version of software before installing 3.5

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